The Five Key Objectives Of The Fun Art Bus

  1. Use the best of British arts to front for new artists, playwrights, writers, poets, designers, composers, song writers, etc.
  2. Put these often serious creations on to a multi-arts bus which will visit in an exciting/fun way marginalised people on housing estates and elsewhere.
  3. Enable local people to have the confidence to telephone the local Mayor/Council Leader on site surrounded by, say, 200 people in the “largest telephone kiosk in the world”.
  4. Train local people via follow-up visits to form self-help groups and to establish at least an estimated minimum of 200 of these.
  5. Distribute IT/Postal contact points for everyone who sees the bus (est. 250,000 pa) to be able to obtain advice and training resources for their estate/borough.

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